Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Short-Term Rental (STR)?
A STR is a dwelling unit, or any portion thereof, that is offered for rent for no more than 30 consecutive days.
Can an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) be used as a STR?
If the ADU was permitted on or after September 9, 2017 neither the ADU nor the primary residence can be used as a STR.
Where are STRs allowed?
a. STRs are allowed in all zoning districts. 
b. STRs are not allowed in mobile home parks or on non-conforming panhandle (flag) lots.  A non-conforming panhandle lot is a lot that does not meet city standards set forth in Oceanside Zoning Ordinance 1050(Y).
Do I need a permit to rent out my property as a STR?
A STR permit is required for all properties that are rented out on a short-term basis unless one of the following: 
  1. The STR is a hosted unit.
  2. The STR is part of a gated HOA that contains at least 50 units and provides 24-hour security or onsite management.
What is a Hosted Unit?
A hosted unit is a dwelling unit where the property owner or their tenant occupies the dwelling unit and offers a portion of the dwelling unit for short-term rental while remaining on-site.
Is a property inspection required?
Yes. A property inspection is required as part of the STR permit process.
What fees are required for the STR permit?
a. The STR permit fee is $250/year. The permit must be renewed annually.
b. There is an inspection fee of $119. This fee is required at time of registration and every three years thereafter.
Do I need to apply for Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Certificate if I rent my property as a STR?
Yes. All STR properties must register with the City and obtain a TOT certificate.  Properties that are not required to have a STR Permit still must obtain a TOT certificate.
Do I need to apply for a business license?
A business license is required for residential rental properties of five (5) units or more.
How many guests can stay in a STR?
The  maximum number of occupants that can stay overnight in STR properties is two adults per bedroom plus two additional people per unit (including children).  An additional 10 daytime guests are allowed between 7am and 10pm.
When is my TOT return and payment due?
Upon registration you will be requested to select a TOT filing cycle. Penalties and interest are assessed based on the filing cycle's due date. If you need to change your filing cycle after your initial selection, please email blinquiry@oceansideca.org.

Monthly filing cycle tax return remittance and payment is due on the last day of each month following the previous month reporting period

Quarterly filing cycle tax return remittance and payment is due on the last day of each month following the previous quarter reporting period.

Period Due Date
January - March April 30
April - June July 31
July - September October 31
October - December January 31
Please note, if you rented your property short term in the past three (3) years you must submit and pay the transient occupancy tax for each period rented.
If I only rent my property on Airbnb and/or Homeaway (VRBO), do I still need to remit TOT?
If the only source of rental income for your property is through Airbnb and/or Homeaway (VRBO), and Airbnb and/or Homeaway (VRBO) are remitting 100% of your taxes as your booking source, then you do not need to remit Transient Occupancy Tax. However, you do still need to file a zero dollar tax form each quarter.
What revenues are considered "taxable room revenue"?
Taxable room revenue refers to all revenue related to the occupancy of the room. Below are a few common examples of taxable and non-taxable revenues. For additional information or clarification please contact the City of Oceanside.

Taxable Room Revenue:

Room Rent, Late/Early Check-out charges, Extra Guest Charges, Roll-away bed, Retained Deposits, Room Upgrade Charges, In-Room Movie/DVD Rentals, Theft/Damages Charges, Pet Occupancy Charges, No Show/Cancellation Charges, Internet/WiFi Charges, Safe Charges, Cleaning Charges, Room Packages, In-Room Mini Bar, Resort Fees

Non-Taxable Room Revenue:

Fax/Copy Charges, Computer Use Charges, Sundries/Restaurant, Conference/Meeting Rooms, Grounds Rentals, Refundable Deposits (unless retained), Parking Charges, Gift Shop, Local Attraction/Event Tickets, Payment Processing/Bank Fees, Qualified Exempted Guest (see exemptions)

Can Charges Be Combined?
No. Room Rent, Miscellaneous Charges, TOT, and OTMD must be stated separately on reports, quotes, receipts, folios, etc.
Who is Tax Exempt?
Transient Exemption

The City's TOT Exemption form must be completed, signed, and dated for exemptions claimed on the following:

• Any person as to whom or any occupancy as to which it is beyond the power of the city to impose the tax herein provided.

• Any federal or state officer or employee when on official business.

• Any officer or employee of a foreign government who is exempt by reason of express provision of federal law or international treaty.

Monthly Room Rental Exemption

• Any uninterrupted period of occupancy beyond 30 days. Day 31+ is exempt from taxes. An occupancy period ends upon check-out. A subsequent check-in starts a new occupancy period. Separate periods of occupancy cannot be combined to substantiate exemption status regardless if the check-out and checkin occur on the same day.

• The first 30 days of occupancy may be deemed exempt if there is an agreement in writing between the operator and the occupant providing for a longer period of occupancy. The date of the signed agreement will be used to determine when the agreement in writing occurred. If the agreement occurred after the first day of occupancy then all days prior to the agreement date will be deemed taxable.

What Records Need to be Retained?
Operator must retain for a period of three years all records necessary to determine the amount of tax liability and payment to the city. This includes but is not limited to:
• Monthly schedule (totals) of room revenues, misc. income, and taxes collected.

• Monthly schedule (totals) of exempt revenues.

• General ledger and revenue detail ledger.

• Daily revenue summaries.

• Exempt revenues register/log/listing.

• Supporting documentation for exemptions claimed (folios, exemption forms, other applicable documentation)

• Guest register/log/listing.

• Guest folio and/or registration cards.

• Federal income tax returns.

• Bank statements/deposit slips

Where can I find information regarding the City's TOT and OTMD regulations?
Information and forms regarding the City’s TOT and OTMD regulations can be found on the City’s website www.ci.oceanside.ca.us, by contacting their Business Activities office at (760) 435-3878, or by contacting Customer Care at (760) 435-4500.
How do I amend a return?
Please e-mail blinquiry@oceansideca.org letting us know you need to file an amended return. In the email please include:

1) What city the amendment is for along with your six digit license / account number, and owner name

2) Period you need to amend (i.e. Jan. 2019 form due Feb. 20th)

3) If you overpaid or underpaid your original form

4) Brief explanation as to why the form needs to be amended

Once we receive this email we will review your account and send you further instructions.

I need to close my account. What do I do?
Please email the City at blinquiry@oceansideca.org. Please include the closure date (i.e. date of sale) and the reason you are closing the account (i.e. no longer short-term renting).
What types of assistance can MUNIRevs provide to me?
MUNIRevs can assist you with all your system and account questions. Whether you have a question about your account or technical questions about how to do something in MUNIRevs, please reach out to our support team. We can always reach out to the City on your behalf if we need their assistance with one of your questions. You can reach MUNIRevs at support@munirevs.com and by phone at (888) 751-1911.
Where are my tax forms? My Action Center is empty. 
Your tax forms will be available on the 1st day of the month following the last day of the tax period. For example, for monthly filers, the January 2019 tax forms will be available in your Action Center on February 1, 2019. If you do not see the forms you expected, simply contact MUNIRevs support for assistance.
Can I manage multiple properties with one login?
Yes - to do so, click Add accounts from your user login under Manage Your Account(s). You will need your 6 digit Account Number and the LODGINGRevs Activation Code to connect to an existing property record.
Can a property have more than one user?
Yes, each property can have an unlimited number of users. Each user is required to provide the 6 digit Account Number and the LODGINGRevs Activation code to be authorized to connect to an existing property record. 
I did not receive or I misplaced the letter with my activation code. What do I do?
Contact MUNIRevs support@munirevs.com or by phone at (888) 751-1911 for assistance. You will need to confirm account details to be verified for the account. To protect the security on property accounts, you will need written (e-mail) permission from a registered owner or officer of the property for us to provide you with a new activation code. 
Can I file a Zero File tax return through MUNIRevs?
To file a zero file tax form, select your tax form from your Action Center. Then, complete the required information on the remittance, including Gross Sales and any deductions. You will be prompted to confirm your desire to complete the return as a Zero File return.
What payment types are accepted by the City through MUNIRevs?
The City accepts ACH Debit, or e-check as well as the following major credit cards: Mastercard and Visa.
The on-line credit card limit is $25,000.

The on-line check limit is $250,000.

Can I schedule a payment in MUNIRevs?
For your security, MUNIRevs does not store any payment information in the system. You will need to enter your desired payment information each time you check out. 
How do I change the User on a Property?
All users need to register, just as you did, by going to the home page for that jurisdiction (i.e. https://oceanside.munirevs.com). They will click on the "Go" button under "New Users". They will also need the 6 digit account number and Activation Code for the property.
I forgot my password. What do I do? 
From the Log In page, click the “Forgot your password” link and follow the instructions that will be e-mailed to the User’s registered e-mail address.
Do I have to login to MUNIRevs to see my alerts and reminders?
No. All alerts are e-mailed to your authenticated e-mail address. When you login to the system, you will also see any open alerts that need to be addressed in your Action Center. 

For Assistance, Contact 
MUNIRevs Support
(888) 751-1911

When contacting support, be sure to include the jurisdiction (Oceanside) and your account number in all emails or voicemails. This will help us assist you as promptly as possible. Thanks!